We are Having a BOY + Genetic Testing/Gender Reveal Details


I have prayed for so long that I would be a boy mama and I finally have my boy. I am going to be outnumbered and I am thrilled about it!!!!

The Details

Blood + Genetic Testing

When we were 12 weeks, I went in for my 12 week appointment and Shaun and I decided to do genetic testing. I know everyone doesn’t do it, but we felt for peace of mind specifically for me, it would be best. It was super easy! They already had to draw blood at that appointment so they just went ahead and took the blood sample from that. The genetic testing just gives us more information on my body, what possible genetic issues could come up, and if baby is at risk for any of the genetic issues. It truly gives first time parents like me and Shaun a bit more peace around everything going on because everything is so new. Regardless of how the test came back we would be overjoyed. We just prayed for a baby + are grateful for him!! The testing also can tell you the gender of the baby if that is something you want to know and of course, we wanted to know!!! As I am sitting there to get my blood drawn, the nurse tells me that I should get my results back within 14 days. While I am sitting there, I am texting my friends and family trying to pick a date that we could do a small gender reveal together. We got the results back 12 days later; the week of Christmas and we did the reveal that same night! Everything came back amazing with the genetic testing results!

The Reveal

We decided that since we wanted to keep the reveal small because it was the week of Christmas and everybody is busy, we decided to do the reveal the day we received the results. So on December 21, the results came in and Kaitlin and my mom made a little plan!! Kaitlin got the results and made a little video of her finding out we were having a boy! It’s super special and I am so glad she made that.

Kaitlin got the blue smoke bombs and the golf ball filled with blue confetti ready to go and my mom coordinated our families to be at my Nana and Papas house at 5:00 that night!! We were ready and all day I was running around SO DANG EXCITED and ready for Shaun to get home so we could go to the reveal! Shaun loves to golf so we thought it would be super cute to let him hit a golf ball and I would do a smoke bomb! Our family counted us down 3..2..1.. and BLUE WENT EVERYWHERE!!!! WE GOT OUR BOY!!!! We had a gut feeling that we were going to be having a boy so when blue went everywhere, we got so excited!! Being surrounded by our family in that moment was the most special thing ever! I am just thankful that our families were able to celebrate baby boy with us in my grandparents front yard. So special and so grateful! After the reveal, we hugged, took some pictures, and went to dinner! Kaitlin made us some blue cupcakes that we got to enjoy and it was such a special night. We went to bed with grateful hearts and the most surreal feeling knowing we were having a boy! Pregnancy is filled with such sweet moments. Moments that feel surreal and like you are living in a dream. We are so thrilled that we get to be parents to a sweet baby boy.

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We are Having a BOY + Genetic Testing/Gender Reveal Details

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