First Trimester – Week by Week Update


This still seems so surreal but we are having a BABY!!!

I knew from the very beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to document every moment even the not so perfect ones because this is our story! So if you want to learn more about all the updates week by week, keep reading!!

5 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: Late last week is when I took a pregnancy test and it said “pregnant!” Still so surreal! Overall I am feeling good! I have been feeling a little extra tired but that might just be because I am in the bulk of busy season. Prior to finding out I was pregnant, I was having hot flashes the entire week I was supposed to start my period. But overall, I am feeling great!

What I am Craving: Nothing yet but I am sure all of that will change! 😛

Body Changes: I was having some hot flashes but those have seemed to go away. Other than my missed period, I also have been having some mild cramps. Kinda like period cramps just not as strong. But my doctor actually told me that is actually the feeling of my uterus expanding and it is totally normal!

How Baby is Doing: We made our first appointment and it is a few weeks away so we are anxiously waiting to see baby. We read that baby now has a two-chambered heart and baby’s spinal cord is beginning to form! Baby is the size of a grain of rice!

Prep for Baby: We called and made our first doctors appointment for November 4 and we are counting down the days! When I found out I was pregnant, Shaun and I started going on walks daily walks together and I cut some things out of my diet. Started taking prenatals and trying to eat healthier.

6 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: Overall, I am feeling great!! We started walking daily to just talk about this exciting time as well get those steps in for the day. Even though I am so tired, walking and getting fresh air is really helping me! I am overly emotional and when I look back, I have been overly emotional since two weeks before knowing I was pregnant. Shaun and I will be joking around and then all of a sudden I start crying out of nowhere! It is the weirdest thing and then I start laughing at the fact I am crying randomly! It is very comical but I believe that is pregnancy hormones! :).

What I am Craving: Nothing really yet but I am waiting for it! LOL

Body Changes: I am still having some mild cramping and my breasts are very tender. I don’t want anything touching them including my clothes lol. 😛

How Baby is Doing: Baby seems to be doing great!! Our ultrasound is in 2 weeks and we can’t wait to see him or her for the very first time. We learned that Baby is growing rapidly and the brain is developing quickly. Baby is the size of a blueberry which is super sweet!

Prep for Baby: Still haven’t done much to prep for Baby being here! I started making different lists of things I want done around the house before June! (My husband is loving me for these list 😛 LOL)

7 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: I am feeling pretty great this week!! All the excitement and giddiness has hit us and it is finally setting in that we are really pregnant!

What I am Craving: Fries!!  I don’t care from where, I will eat them from anywhere! 

Body Changes: Feeling very bloated and still having some mild cramping and tender breasts. My OB said that will most likely start going away by the second trimester!

How Baby is Doing: Baby is growing so fast! Baby is starting to look like a baby with arms and legs developing. Baby is the size of a raspberry!

Prep for Baby: We get to see baby on an ultrasound next week and we are beyond ready! Counting down the days! I have taken probably 10 pregnancy tests in the last few weeks!!

8 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: This week was a little rough with navigating the nausea. Although I am nauseous, I still am not nauseous enough to actually throw up. I did start having food aversions to meat which is really unfortunate but apparently normal. The look of it, the taste, the smell, everything was a no for me. I couldn’t stomach it so I have had to cut out all meat from my diet.

What I am Craving: Nothing super special yet but my love for pickles has grown exponentially. The saltiness has been helping my nausea and overall they taste amazing right now.

Body Changes: I am not really noticing any specific body changes yet other than my jeans fitting a little bit tighter. It was bothering me before I found out I was pregnant because I was so confused. I had just started a new running program and I was eating healthy sooo I was like “why are my clothes fitting tighter?” Welllll… it all makes sense now!

How Baby is Doing: Super exciting week! We got to see baby in an ultrasound for the first time this week!! He/she is right on track for their birth date of June 21! And everything looked really good, which is just such a blessing. In the ultrasound baby looked like a little blob haha not really moving at this point in its life, BUT we did learn that even at a mere 8 weeks baby is already growing hundreds of brain cells by the MINUTE!! Baby is the size of a grape!

Prep for Baby: To be honest this all still seems pretty surreal! We haven’t yet done anything to prep for baby coming but I know we have plenty of time. I ordered everything I needed to for us to tell our family in the next few weeks. We had our Christmas card photos with two of our very best friends this past week and we got to tell them we are pregnant!! The reactions are so sweet and I think I am going to make a video of everyone’s reactions because it is way too sweet not to share.

9 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: The nausea is still here and I am feeling very lethargic. I am exhausted after just being awake for two hours in the morning. LOL 🙂 Taking naps every single day has become a part of my daily routine and I’m not mad about it. When they say you have no energy in the first trimester, they are not kidding! But with that, it is so cool that my body is growing a human and I have to continue to remind myself of that. It is really hard to hide being pregnant from people because of how sick and how tired I am. It is going to be a relief once our family and friends know because it is going to make so much sense why I haven’t wanted to get out of bed and do anything!

What I am Craving: Eggs!!  Scrambled Eggs with cheese and Toast are my go to right now.  I am still not wanting meat but eggs and toast are what I am wanting for every meal of the day. Shaun is the real MVP for cooking them for me all the time!

Body Changes: My body this week actually doesn’t feel as bloated as it did the past week and a half! I do feel like my lower stomach is getting harder which is pretty wild, but my body overall looks very similar as it did before I got pregnant I think. Once again my jeans are all pretty tight HA! So there are some changes, I just might not be seeing them unless I try to squeeze into denim. No bump yet which I imagine is pretty normal this early on!

How Baby is Doing: Baby is the size of a date which is so dang cool! We learned that the kidneys, liver, brain, and lungs are all beginning to function and that Baby’s heart is almost fully developed. That is so crazy to think about!

Prep for Baby: This week, we got to tell our immediate families and it was the sweetest and most surreal moment!  I know we both have thought of this moment for our entire lives so to get to tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents is so special.  Once we told them, we got to reminisce on how I have had to hide everything from them and showing them the ultrasound photos.  Such sweet memories that I will forever cherish. 

10 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: Overall I have been feeling okay I think! It is hard to compare when I haven’t felt any of these changes before, but I am not as tired as I was two/three weeks ago and that feels good! Feeling like I can finally catch up on emails, editing, and work and not feel quite as exhausted. I am hoping to start doing some at home simple workouts now that I am feeling more energy. My nausea has come back and is worse than it was before. At my next appointment I am going to ask for nausea medicine which upsets me because I never take medicine but I know I can’t keep not eating and getting sick. My mind for the most part has been at ease lately, even with all the COVID-related headlines taking over the news. Trying to be positive and thankful since there is so much to be grateful for! Shaun has been able to come to all appointments with me and I am so grateful for that. I know some people don’t get that luxury right now and I cannot imagine. This week was an exciting week because we got to tell my grandparents and it is Thanksgiving. What a special week to tell them they are going to have their first great grandchild!

What I am Craving: With the nausea, I am not craving anything this week. It has been rough keeping food down and just not having an appetite at all. Since it was Thanksgiving and I couldn’t have all that yummy food, I told myself and Shaun that we are going to have another Thanksgiving lunch after all the nausea has passed!

Body Changes: I have lost 8 pounds since I found out I was pregnant but I called my doctor and she isn’t concerned at all! She told me this can be normal in your first trimester and to not worry about eating healthy but instead just eat what I feel like I can and drink a ton of water. I am not looking as bloated this week which I am chalking up to being how sick I am but I know the bump will come and I am so pumped for it.

How Baby is Doing: We learned that baby is at the beginning of a three week period of a growth spurt. The fingernails are forming and the placenta will start forming! Baby is the size of a fig! It is so cool to read week by week what is changing and how Baby is growing!

Prep for Baby: This week we told my grandparents that we are pregnant!! It was the sweetest thing ever! You will have to watch the video I am making to see their reactions because they are precious. We have our second appointment in two weeks and we are counting down the days until we get to see Baby again!

11 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: The nausea is still here and it is happening at all hours of the day, not just in the morning. It is specifically happening in the middle of the night which is weird and I don’t know if that is normal. I have switched my prenatal and switched the time I am taking them to see if that helps going into this next week. Last night I actually laid in bed from 1am until 3am and was on Pinterest pinning baby things because I was so nauseous every time I tried to close my eyes and sleep I felt like I was going to throw up! Ended up coming out to the living room to watch a show and fell asleep around 4:30am. This week was also scary because I got in a wreck. I was on the way home from a session and someone hit me on the highway and totaled my car. Luckily my brother tagged along for the ride because he didn’t want me going alone since it was a pretty far drive and thank goodness for him being there with me. Such a God thing! I was a wreck because all I could think about is this baby. I instantly started going to the worst case scenario in my head. My brother dealt with everything to do with the wreck while I tried to get myself calmed down and calling my doctor and Shaun. As soon as we left the wreck we went to the closest gas station so I could use the bathroom and check to make sure I wasn’t bleeding which was my biggest concern. I wasn’t bleeding but I had a terrible headache but that was from when she hit us. My doctor got me in right away and we had an ultrasound to make sure Baby was okay! Shaun and I prayed and prayed and Baby was perfectly healthy and I was healthy! He/She was moving all around in there and the heartbeat was strong! PRAYER ANSWERED!!! It was also such a blessing in disguise because I got to see Baby early!! Still so thankful we all are okay and now I get to get me a MOM CAR! 🙂

What I am Craving: Still mostly craving salty foods over anything sweet, which isn’t a big change from what I normally like. I am normally a salty over anything girl! I actually am not wanting anything sweet! Fries and pickles are still my go to! 🙂

Body Changes: My belly is continuing to feel harder and more pressure each day. It currently feels (and looks haha) like I maybe am just bloated if you didn’t know I was pregnant! By the end of the day it feels so tight. I am usually a stomach sleeper but am noticing that it is already pretty uncomfortable & feels so different to lay on my stomach, so learning to sleep on my side when I can which is a huge adjustment. Breasts are continuing to grow and from what I understand they will continue to change up until baby is here, and then will continue to change while breastfeeding (hoping that I will be able to, but understand that is not an option or dream for everyone). It is so wild that even though baby is still so small my body is going through so many changes already.

How Baby is Doing: Baby is doing great!! After our scare with my wreck, we got to see Baby on the ultrasound a week early and he / she is doing awesome! My OB was super happy with baby’s growth and movement! Strong heartbeat which is what we are praying for! We learned that baby’s spleen are now producing blood cells and that the baby’s liver accounts for 10 percent of the total weight. Baby is the size of a plum and will be doubling in size in the next week!

Prep for Baby: This week we started dreaming up a mood board for the nursery! I also started on the registry because I like to stay on top of things and don’t want to get behind. I am so blown away how many options there are for items to put on your registry!

12 Weeks:

How I am Feeling: This week has been really fun for us because all our family and close friends finally know and we posted it on social media. Everyone is super excited & supportive like we imagined they would be, but nonetheless it feels great to have amazing people surrounding us and baby!  The amount of love and support we got from people blew us away and had me bawling my eyes out.  I just see how many people love our family and are already rallied around Baby T.  I have been sleeping better the past few days than I have in the previous weeks.  My lower back is starting to hurt a bit more when I am going to sleep at night, and sometimes it is hard to find a comfortable spot.  Not that there’s a belly in the way (hello still waiting on that haha) but more just feeling my uterus expanding + occasional headaches. ALL common feelings in the first trimester, and I imagine beyond 1st trimester too.  The nausea went away this week and I am hoping it is gone for good!!  This week was also super exciting because we had our second OB appointment and a really lengthy one at that.  We got to see Baby on an ultrasound!  The heartbeat was super strong and the doctor was very happy with his or her progression.  I had a pap smear, pelvic exam, and bloodwork done today!  It was a longer appointment but it went super good!  We decided to get the genetic testing blood work done at this appointment and should get the results in the next 7-14 days!  That blood work will also tell us the gender and we are so excited to find out!

What I am Craving: I am still craving all things salty! Nothing healthy but I am eating and that is all that matters!

Body Changes: Although I don’t have a bump yet, I do still feel and see my body changing in many ways. Obviously my breasts are growing a lot and will continue to grow throughout pregnancy. It is wild to me what our bodies go through & how they change to prep and then feed baby.

How Baby is Doing: Baby is doing amazing!! Moving all around! At our doctor’s appointment Baby was sucking his or her thumb and it was the freaking cutest thing ever! Baby is now the size of a kiwi!

Prep for Baby: At our doctors appointment, our OB talked to us about which hospital we wanted to deliver at, registering for delivery, how much weight to gain, normal pregnancy symptoms, etc. Things are starting to get so real!! After our appointment Shaun wanted to go to Buy Buy Baby to buy some onsies and we found the cutest Carhartt beanie and I am dying! This week, we researched more for the registry and kept working on it! My goal is to have the registry done by 20 weeks! We announced this week and we are SO EXCITED!!!!

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