WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! Our Pregnancy Story and How We Found Out!



OH MY GOODNESSSSS!!!! I have been waiting to say those words my entire life!! Shaun and I are so dang grateful and excited that we are pregnant! There has been a whirlwind of emotions from the day we found out and we are just over the moon! I plan to be as candid & open with my pregnancy as I possibly can, to share our journey with you and remember all of the little things when we look back at this one day. So thanks for reading along & being a part of this! Just a reminder that everyone’s pregnancy experience is unique and special to them – this is my story and I am so thankful to be able to tell it. Thanks for being here + being a part of celebrating Baby Turners life with us!

*ps I wrote this post right after our first ultrasound at 8 weeks, so many more updates to come!


Background Before Baby

I said I was going to be as candid as possible so here we go! I will be honest to preface this; everyone has a different story, different timing, different plan and that is OK. I actually love hearing the way God works in everyone’s pregnancy stories and how they are all truly so unique and beautiful.

It has always been the desire of mine and Shauns hearts to be parents. So back a few months ago, Shaun and I sat down and decided that we were at a place that we felt “ready” and at peace +++ we were going to going to start trying for a baby in January of 2021. Aka… that was going to be when I went off my birth control. We just felt like that was “perfect timing.” Well the Lord’s’ timing was even better because on October 16th (while still on birth control :P) I took a pregnancy test and saw the word “pregnant.” Shocked was an understatement because how could this be possible?! But at the same time, we had such a surreal peace and we’re SO excited!

The Timeline


Well it has been 4 days since I found out I was pregnant and I am still over here freaking out because it feels like I am living a dream! On Friday, I was on the way home from lunch with some of my fam and something my grandfather said to me two days before hit me like a ton of bricks. I was having a hot flash (which I never have) and he jokingly said “are you pregnant?” I didn’t think much about it until I was driving home and it randomly popped back in my head. In that moment I was like “WAIT!!!! I AM LATE!!” It hadn’t hit me because I was in the bulk of my busy season and I was going 10000 miles a minute so I hadn’t even being paying attention. OMG!! Writing this, I still can’t believe it! In that moment, I started to pray and I turned worship music on and the Lord revealed to me that I was pregnant. I just knew I was!! Soooo I turned into Walgreens and got some pregnancy tests. I got home, took the test and it instantly said, “PREGNANT!!!’“ In that moment, I couldn’t stop laughing, crying, running around the house, jumping up and down… all the emotions. My bestie was on the phone because she knew I was going to take a test and we both couldn’t stop saying “OMG WHAT!!!!!! IS THIS REAL LIFE!!!!” Well in the meantime Shaun was about to get off work but he was going to head straight to his side job that he had that night. I was freaking out because all I wanted was him to know. He then calls me and says, “babe, I am going to come home for a little bit before I go to my side job, I will be there in five minutes.” I instantly started to freak out because I was uncontrollably crying and laughing. I knew if I didn’t get it together, he was going to know what was going on just because he knows me SO WELL. He walked through the door and I bursted in tears because I knew I was about to say the words Shaun had been dreaming of “you’re going to be a dad!” In the middle of my tears, I looked at him and said, “I have something I have to tell you” and he said, “you’re kidding!!!!” I then gave him the positive pregnancy test and we hugged, laughed, and cried! Such a surreal moment and one I can see the Lord’s hand all over. So thankful the Lord orchestrated Shaun to come home for a few minutes in between work. Seriously, one of those moments you dream of and it still feels surreal. Right after Shaun had to go back to work, I turned on worship music and spent time in worship the rest of the night surrendering it all at the feet of Jesus all while running to the bathroom to take lots more pregnancy tests. The Lord is so faithful and His timing is far greater than our timing.


We called the doctor today and made our first appointment! They asked a bunch of questions about the pregnancy so far; symptoms, if there was any bleeding, pain, etc. They were so kind and so encouraging for these first time parents over here! We made our first appointment for November 4 and we are counting down the days until we get to see Baby T.


Seeing baby in an ultrasound for the first time is one of the most wild things I have ever experienced. They actually had to do a vaginal ultrasound for the first appointment since I was still so early. I was 7 weeks + 3 days pregnant. The nurse was so kind and explained everything we were seeing (like the gestational sac which is the big black part) and showed us the heart beating!!! We instantly heard the heartbeat and all the tears happened because baby was healthy and we could hear him/her. The heart was beating at 143 BPM (beats per minute). She said we were right on track for 8 weeks which was reassuring and such a relief.

Hiiii, Baby Turner!

It is funny because the gestational sac (the black part) is actually TINY at this point just 8 weeks in, even though the ultrasound makes it all look so much bigger than it is. I was so thrown off from size when she first pulled up the ultrasound because it looks like it is filling up my stomach, when in reality I believe at the 8 week time Baby Turner was the size of a small blueberry! So cute omg!!!! We downloaded the Bump app and saw that even at just 8 weeks old when baby is so tiny they are generating 100 new brain cells each minute! Such a little miracle!

Praying every day for our little baby’s health & growth, and hope that you will join us!

I am also keeping track of every week of each trimester, so will be sharing more depth of ALL the feelings, growth, experiences and how we are doing there! Thanks for joining us on this super fun and exciting journey! We are so pumped to be parents!!!



Alsoooo… here is the sweetest video of me finding out, us telling all our family and friends, and some fun moments from the first few weeks!!

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