Waffle House Engagements | Caroline + Davidson


Caroline + Davidson…

I met this couple a few months ago from an email asking about wedding photography. We met in person at Coyote Coffee + it was instantly like we were best friends. Honestly, it was like we had known each other forever. I encourage my couples to do something that is meaningful to them, even if it breaks all the “rules” for an engagement session. There are no “rules” over here! If a pizza date is your jam, then heck let’s go on a pizza date + I will snap some pics. This couples “thing” was Anderson University + Waffle House. We started their session at Anderson University where they met + fell in love. We walked around campus talking about their love story. It was so special to be at the place where their love story began. Later during the evening, we hopped in the car + headed to the local Waffle House which has been a place of long talks for Davidson + Caroline. I FREAKING LOVE THAT! We hung out, drank coffee, + ate chocolate chip waffles! Becauseeeee… what else is better than a chocolate chip waffle from the good ole’ Waffle House?! It was such a great night + I seriously lived for the moments I made Davidson + Caroline kiss in Waffle House with EVERYONE watching them.

Caroline + Davidson, I can’t wait for March! Thank you for trusting me to tell your story. Everyone stop what you are doing + find yourself a Caroline + Davidson! It will be a game changer!

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Waffle House Engagements | Caroline + Davidson

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