Second Trimester – Week by Week Update


Can’t believe we are already in the second trimester!!! This is such a huge milestone and I feel like time is flying by!

13 Weeks:

It is so surreal and such a milestone knowing I made it to the second trimester! I still don’t really feel any different other than the constant nausea. This week we have our small gender reveal planned and we are so excited and ready! We should be getting the results of the genetic test and the gender back any day now! Now we patiently wait… which I am terrible at! We decided to have a super small and intimate gender reveal because it was important for my grandparents to be there and I don’t want to expose them to a lot of people. We did the gender reveal at their house in the front yard so they could watch from their front porch! All our immediate family and 2 of our best friends were there and it was the sweetest time ever. We are having a BOY!!! If you want to read more all about our gender reveal, CLICK HERE! Everything on the genetic test came back great and low risk so those are all answered prayers!

14 Weeks:

I am feeling amazing this week!! So much better than I have felt the entire time. I have a ton of energy back and I feel like I want to clean my entire house! LOL. Baby is the size of a pear and we can’t wait to squeeze him!

15 Weeks:

Still have a burst of energy! I went shopping for some new dresses for wedding season and it was so fun to look in the mirror and see that tiny bump. Growing a human being is the coolest thing I have ever done! 😛

16 Weeks:

This week has been a super fun week!! We went and picked out my “mom car!” I am obsessed with it and the entire time all we kept picturing was a sweet baby boy being in the backseat!! Can’t wait to bring him home from the hospital in our new ride. Baby is the size of an avocado and how freaking cute!! We went out and bought a onesie with an avocado to celebrate!

17 Weeks:

This week has been amazing!!  I only got sick once on Tuesday and have been feeling amazing since then!!  We are praying hard that all the nausea is behind me!  I am craving allllll the Lucky Charms!! My friend told me she was having Lucky Charms for dinner one night and I was like “wait, that sounds amazing!!!!”  I have been wanting a bowl of Lucky Charms every single day and that cereal has never tasted so good!! I saw the most changes in my body this week! I woke up this past Friday morning and my bump had popped!! Such a crazy cool thing how much my body has changed. One thing I have loved about pregnancy is watching my body change and how my body just knows exactly what to do. I have been speaking affirmations over myself and my body and just truly learning to love it and all that is does. Shaun has been amazing encouraging me and making me feel so special about my body! Baby is doing amazing and this week I felt him moving for the first time!  It happened in the middle of the night on Wednesday night when I was up sick and when I came to lay back in the bed, I felt him moving!  I literally freaked out and got so happy!!!  I have been waiting on that!  He has been really active every day sense especially during the night!  We learned that as of this week, he can hear our voices!  Baby T is the size of a pomegranate!  We picked paint colors, new carpet, and the direction we are wanting to go for the nursery.  We started and by we I mean my husband, started painting Baby T’s nursery and it is so surreal sitting in there knowing in a few months, he is going to be in there!

18 Weeks:

Overall I am feeling great! This was the first week where I really feel like I am pregnant. It is starting to finally set in knowing we are coming up on the halfway mark! Eekkk!! I am experiencing some round ligament pain and sleeping is starting to get tricky with the bump out and about! I am using all the pregnancy pillows and we are slowly but surely learning it all. I have been working out and it is starting to get a little bit harder but I always feel better afterwards! I’m still craving lucky charms and pretty much allllll cereals. I feel like this week was the first week that I finally am starting to get a bigger appetite. I am feeling more hungry than normal and that is so nice! I have started experiencing some heartburn for the first time in my entire life… lucky me 😉 I started taking some medicine for it because with the heartburn and the acid reflux, I needed something and I am finally getting some relief. I am still not at my beginning starting weight since losing during the first trimester due to all the nausea but we are slowly getting there. I haven’t gained any weight yet but I can definitely tell my body is changing such as my boobs… GOODNESS!! Nobody prepared me for that 😉 Baby is doing great!! I felt some harder kicks this week! He is moving all around and it is the coolest feeling ever! We found out that baby is the size of a artichoke. We also found out that baby is only awake for 6 hours a day which is crazy to think about! We finished painting the nursery and I am obsessed! I have been going in there just to sit and work and every single time I do, I start crying. It might be the pregnancy hormones! 🙂 We also made a shopping cart of all the things we are wanting to get at Ikea when we go and my vision is coming to life!

19 Weeks:

Ahhh this week was a rough one. My body went through the most physical changes this week. My belly is popping, my boobs are HUGE, and none of my pants are fitting. I am trying to be as present as possible in my pregnancy and allowing myself to feel every single emotion. This week was a rough one for my body. I kinda hit a wall. Let me be vulnerable with you for a minute. On Sunday when we were getting ready for church, I couldn’t find any pants in my closet that fit. None! We went to church and I was off and it was obvious. Later that day, my headspace kept getting worse and worse. I got sucked into a terrible headspace via Instagram and remembering that none of my pants fit that morning. I couldn’t stop comparing my body and my pregnancy to all the influencers on Instagram (the worst… I know). I kept looking at my body in the mirror, crying, nitpicking it apart, and just talking so bad about it. I have always been smaller built and to see SO many changes happening in my body so fast is a crazy weird mindset. I started believing all the lies from the enemy when I knew they weren’t true. In those moments, I was reminded of grace. I have to remember to show my body, my emotions, my harder workouts, grace! So last night after a lot of tears, I deleted Instagram off my phone for a while, got myself together, spoke my insecurities out loud, and reminded myself what Jesus says about them. I spent 2 hours praying over my body, listening to worship music, and having the longest self care night. The Lord met me in that moment and reminded me to surrender. I went to bed last night in the best headspace because… Jesus. I share this with you because a lot of times only the good parts of pregnancy are shared and these parts are what people need to see and hear. If you have felt like this, you are not alone. Pregnancy is the sweetest and best thing I have walked through but I want to share the realness that comes with all the new. Baby is doing great!! I felt him kick from the outside this week and it was so special. He is so so active! Baby is the size of a mango!! We have our Anatomy Scan next week so we are praying for a healthy baby boy! WOOO HOO!!!!

20 Weeks:

I AM FEELING AMAZING!!! This week has been an awesome week when it comes to pregnancy symptoms!! I am having little to no pregnancy symptoms and my heartburn was not that bad this week!! We are halfway which is so crazy to think about! Pregnancy is so fun and I am loving it! Baby boy is doing amazing!! This week was a super fun week that we have counted down the days to because we got to have our anatomy scan and check on how Baby is doing. It was the coolest appointment because we got to see every part of our sweet boy. Our ultrasound technician was so great at explaining everything she was looking at to us and giving us peace of mind that everything looked healthy. He wasn’t wanting to cooperate at first because he wanted to stay all curled up in a ball and he kept wanting to put his hands on his face and in his mouth so the ultrasound technician had me roll on my side and get him out of his position. Once he stretched out omggggg it was the cutest!!! Gah he is so dang cute and Shaun and I couldn’t stop smiling because we were in awe. The doctor reviewed the scan and he is super healthy and weighing 12 ounces!! We got to take home some sweet ultrasound pictures of this sweet babe and we are already pumped for our next ultrasound to see him again!! Not too much longer until we have him in our arms! Ooooo this week I also caught Baby T moving on camera and it was the coolest thing ever! He gets so active at night and he was moving all around! This week we got our plan together of what all we need to purchase for the nursery and we are making a trip to IKEA soon to pick up a lot of the things! This week we also registered for labor which is super surreal!! AHHH!!!! Cannot believe it!!

21 Weeks:

We headed to Charleston for a spontaneous Valentines Day weekend and a short babymoon. It was so sweet getting to just snuggle on the couch and listen to the rain all weekend. We were super intentional with our time and realizing that the time with just the two of us is coming to an end but with that comes something so special. Baby boy is the size of an endive!

22 Weeks:

I am feeling good this week other than the piercing heartburn in the middle of the night. We finished the baby registry and put together the dresser in the nursery! It is starting to get more real! Baby is the size of a coconut which seems crazy to me!

23 Weeks:

Started buying everything for the nursery and it is really coming together! This week baby boy is the size of a grapefruit and we are counting down the days until our next appointment so we can see his sweet face again! We are starting to talk about what he is going to look like and dreaming up his future. it is so sweet to just sit and dream about what his sweet life is going to look like!

24 Weeks:

It was our anniversary this week and it was so surreal and special celebrating knowing it is our last anniversary with it being just the two of us. Baby boy is very very active and my favorite part of my day is laying in the bed for 10 minutes before I fall asleep just watching him move all around. It is so surreal that my body is growing a human being.

25 Weeks:

We are feeling great!! Baby boy is the size of cauliflower!

26 Weeks:

This week I started craving ice from Chick Fil A!! OMG SO GOOD!! Did you know Chick Fil A sells their ice by the bag? Yupppp… game changer! Baby boy is doing great and is the size of Kale!

27 Weeks:

Can’t believe it is the last week of the second trimester! This is crazy how fast time is flying! We are feeling great and we have our 28 week appointment next week where I have to get all my updated vaccines, my glucose test, and another ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved up and it did which is a huge prayer answered!! Baby is also now head down!!

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