Our Love Story | Maddie + Shaun


I am married to my best friend since Kindergarten + my first ever boyfriend, Shaun. I am obsessed with our love story + don’t mind telling you 50000 times. So let me just tell you…

We met in Kindergarten + went to school together through high school. In 8th grade, Shaun asked me to be his girlfriend in Social Studies by writing “will you be my girlfriend?” on the top of his desk where he was sitting behind me. We are fancy around here. He so gently tapped my shoulder + pointed to his desk. I of course being the super awkward girl that had never had a boyfriend just turned around super fast + literally almost passed out. I later told him yes! Officially official! Want to know the best part about that story? He called me 12 hours later + broke up with me. I know what you are thinking, we started out super strong! We then became best friends all through high school + parted ways in college. Shaun was at Southern Wesleyan University + I was at North Greenville University. I cheered for NGU + Shaun’s best friend Hunter played football there. Shaun would come to support Hunter but now we all know it was just to get closer to me… Right, Shaun? In 2015, Shaun told me he wanted to pursue me + after telling him that it “isn’t going to happen” 10000 times, I finally caved + made THE. BEST. DECISION. OF. MY. LIFE. On April 2, 2017 Shaun proposed + on March 3, 2018 we got MARRIED!!!!

Life with Shaun is the best adventure. You can usually find us watching The Office for the literal tenth time (we’re obsessed), eating froyo, or ordering takeout. Being a wife is my greatest joy, my best adventure, + one that blesses me in ways I can’t even comprehend. My love story plays a huge part in why I started photography. I am a true sucker for love, if you can’t already tell. I love, love + I love getting to celebrate in your love story.

Sooo with all that said, let’s sit back and enjoy some of mine + Shaun’s best moments!! I dug deep for these guys + I am currently living my best life through these pictures!

K I N D E R G A R T E N!

This is our Kindergarten class picture! See if you can find me + Shaun! Hint… I am in green + Shaun is in blue with the biggest smile. Bonus points if you can find our best friends, Emily + Hunter!


S C H O O L!

The middle picture was a picture from high school PE! I was a cheerleader + Shaun played baseball!

C O L L E G E!

These were the games that Shaun was coming to support Hunter buttttt… really to start making his move on me!


P R O P O S A L!


D A Y!

Hope you didn’t miss our dance moves!

We take marriage very serious but love to have fun while doing so!! It is always a party with us!

So there you have it! This is us! I hope you learned a little bit about us + we want to learn about you!!! Can’t wait to hear from you!


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Our Love Story | Maddie + Shaun

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