Our Favorite Day | Our Second Wedding Anniversary


Oh my goodness! Today is a day that I cherish deeply. It is our two year wedding anniversary! I feel like we were just waking up on our wedding day with all the giddy feelings just so excited to see one another. Fast forward two years later! I can’t believe it has already been two years.

Since it is our anniversary, I am going to talk about some of the most special moments from our wedding day. The morning of our wedding day, I woke up around 4:30am because what bride can sleep in on her wedding day lol?! There was a huge couch with a really pretty window in the bathroom at the Ryan Nicholas Inn. I went and laid on the couch + just prayed. I prayed over Shaun + our day. I prayed that we would be so intentional on our wedding day. I prayed that the Lord would be so present in every single detail. I prayed for all of our family, friends, + guests and that they would feel so loved. I prayed for Shaun as he was becoming a husband as well as myself stepping into the role as wife. I prayed for a few hours + really just rested in the word + what Jesus was trying to speaking to me. I also got to watch the sunrise as I was spending some quality time with Jesus. It was such a sweet unplanned time on our wedding day that the Lord knew I needed. I cried, I laughed, + I danced. It was so special because it was just me + Jesus on my wedding day. Later that day, Shaun sent me the sweetest letter with the prettiest “something blue” watch. I also sent him my prayer journal that I had kept the entire time of us dating and being engaged. Shaun loved it SO much (peep our wedding video). Later that day, Shaun + I did a first look + HOLY COW were there a lot of happy tears. My parents walked me to our first look + it was such a special time. Shaun couldn’t stop crying, hugging me, + looking at me in awe. This part of the day was HANDS DOWN the best part of the day. My dad led us in communion + we all spent some time in prayer. The sweetest most emotional part of our day. I prayed that morning that the Lord would allow us to be present + embrace every single emotion + we did just that. Like I said, there were a lot of tears shed. There was also a sweet part of our ceremony that I want to talk about. For our unity ceremony, we decided that we wanted to do the three cords and spend some time worshiping together. We had one of our favorite worship songs playing and we spent some time worshiping + praying over one another. It was such an intimate moment for the two of us + we couldn’t think of anything better to do to start our marriage. Our wedding day was the best day of our life + every time we talk about that day, there are so many joyful emotions that come to mind.

Now if you have made it this far, you are the real MVP!! Seriously. March 3, 2018 was by far the sweetest/best day of our lives. We are so thankful that the Lord saw fit to orchestrate every single detail in the way He did. Let’s take a look back on that day + watch our wedding video. Our story is my favorite story + I want to share it with you guys. Below I have attached our wedding video that is so special to me. Grab some popcorn + try not to cry! I dare you!

Take a look at our sweet anniversary pictures!! We bought a house last year + it was so sweet to get to celebrate our anniversary in the place we call home.

I love you forever + ever, Shaun Clayton Turner!

If you want to know more about us + our story. Here is a link to read all about how we met + how he proposed!

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Our Favorite Day | Our Second Wedding Anniversary

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