MTP List of Favorite Apps



There are so many apps that are a huge asset to my business so I thought I would spill the tea + give you alllll the deats!!

01. Lightroom Mobile :: cause your girl has to make those iPhone photos match the aesthetic am I right?!

02. Honeybook :: this app allows me to view client files, send contracts + invoices, + so much more allllll from my phone!

03. Over :: for making those insta stories cute.

04. UNUM :: for planning our posts and viewing my feed before actually posting to insta.

05. Splice :: easy video editing app. This is how I edit my IGTV videos.

06. Loope :: This might be my most used app!! This is how I prepare, plan out, and send timelines.

07. Unscripted :: Photogs fav app!! Gives you posing inspo + promps, camera settings guides, sun tracker, free education, and LOT’S more!!

08. Quick Books Self-Employed :: for keeping track of my miles, importing receipts to, sorting transactions, + staying up to date with my income and expenses.

09. Instagram… DUH!!

10. Marco Polo :: I LOVE this app! It is how I communicate with a lot of my brides! If you don’t have this app, you need to get it!

So there you have it!! These are my top 10 go to apps that I use on a daily basis!! They allow me to give the best client experience to my clients + they keep me organized!! What are your favorite apps?

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MTP List of Favorite Apps

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