Pickens County Fair Surprise | Megan + Alex


Megan + Alex

Ahh… I am so excited for this one! First let me tell you about sweet Megan! Megan has been one of my absolute best friends for a few years now! We met while cheering together in college at North Greenville University. If you haven’t met Megan, I highly suggest you stop what you are doing + get a friend like her! She is the most encouraging, loving, God-fearing person I have ever met. She literally radiates so much joy. We live in two different states (Texas + SC) but she still manages to love + encourage me in amazing ways. During the summer, Megan messaged me telling me that they wanted to fly to SC and do a session at the Pickens County Fair. Obviously I was so down but little did we know that the Lord was going to surprise this sweet couple.

Side Story: The Pickens Fair was where Megan + Alex had their first date! I remember when Alex flew to SC to take Megan on a date + all of us friends were like “Megan, do you even know this guy?” She was fully convinced he was the one + we are over here like “Okay, do we need to come hide at the fair + make sure he doesn’t try to kidnap you?” LOL . No but seriously, Alex surpassed my expectations that I had of him. He took Megan on that date + loved her so well. They ended up getting married + moving to Texas to start their life together!

Fast Forward to now! They are happily married, serving the kingdom of God in mighty ways, + they are PREGNANT!!! I AM STILL FREAKING OUT FROM WHEN I GOT THE TEXT!!! We got to celebrate them + this next season of their life all where it started… the little fair in Pickens, SC. I am over the moon for Megan + Alex. They are going to make some pretty rockstar parents! I can’t wait to love on Baby Trammell.

Now let’s play a game! Is Baby T going to be a boy or a girl? My vote is a BOY!!!

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Pickens County Fair Surprise | Megan + Alex

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