Running a business is hard work and can be expensive and if there is ever a place where we can save a little bit of money, that is a win. I went ahead and put together a list of softwares, programs, and gear that I love so much with discount codes to each. Hopefully something on this page serves you and your business right where it’s at. 



The one platform that literally saved my life. Honeybook is a client and business management software that allows you to create workflows to streamline your projects and cultivate your client experience. Honeybook is all I need to manage bookings, send contracts and invoices, set up payment plans, create client questionnaires, gather reviews, etc. It has literally been the biggest game changer for my workflow and my overall client experience.


Automatically track all of your income and expenses so tax season is easy and all your books are accurate. It also tracks your mileage to make those write offs super easy. Tax season is now a breeze and not something I stress about anymore thanks for Quickbooks.


The way I deliver all my client galleries. PASS allows you to showcase client photos in a beautiful branded gallery. It also allows you to communicate, share, and sell your images all on one platform making it super user friendly. They have the best customer service which is a big perk as well!


The host for my website and my store. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Squarespace allows for customization, implementation of my brand, blogging, commerce, and email marketing/campaigns.


Amazon store to all my favorite products for productivity and photography.