A little snippet of my own love story :

My best friend since Kindergarten. First Ever Boyfriend.My Hero.

Shaun Clayton walked into my life at the outstanding age of five years old. All of elementary school we were in the same classes and going on the same field trips. In middle school, Shaun wrote on the desk “will you be my girlfriend?” Me and my awkward self turned around and shook my head yes! Oh how I thought it was forever but it turned out to only be for 12 hours. Fast forward to the end of High School. We were best friends, spending every single day together, flirting but not thinking we were. We went our separate ways in college, pursued other things, and then the summer of our Sophomore year, Shaun took me out for my birthday which I then realized turned into something way more than a simple birthday celebration with our friends. It was a date! After much hesitation and telling him no, I finally said yes to being his girlfriend and here we are today. We have been married for five years and are now parents to our little boys. Who knew that I would meet my husband in kindergarten! Being married to your best friend is the coolest, hardest, most sacred thing we have ever done. Shaun has one of the most heroic jobs and serves people so well. He is an amazing husband and father and supports all my dreams. Some of his favorite things include Keegan & Shep, the Clemson Tigers, lake days on the boat, singing at the top of his lungs, and embarrassing me in public (LOL). If you don’t have a Shaun in your life, I encourage you to find one!